If every K is for the kisses
And every A is for affection
Then every T is for the time and
I could be your island

When I first saw you I stu-u-ttered
When I first called you I forgot what
I just wanted to tell
Blue as the sky and green as hell

And oh I wrote it down a hundred times
And every time I did it felt so right
But now that I’ve got you
And now that you’ve got me
No orchestra sets in
Just you and me

If there was a word that I could say
Not absurd and not insane
If there’s a thing that I can do
All I’m searching for is you

But damn it! now I’m stuck
On a word I can’t look up
Cause nothing could explain...
Oh how I wrote these lines in vain



Ruby Hartbrich - cello
Hannes Schindler - violin
Cyprian Piskurek - grand piano (recorded at Funkhaus Berlin)
Laura Daedelow - flute
Andre Heldt - clarinet
Hanspeter Stamm - trumpet, trombone, french horn & flugelhorn
Gregor McEwan - vocals, orchestral drums & percussion


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