A 000000 Times

Six strings, two hands and just one head
A bridge, two knobs and one pick guard
Two pins, a jack and 20 frets
A neck, a nut and two pickups

Five chords, a stage for 30 days
A voice, a show, a studio
12 words, a verse, some spring reverb
Four lines, eight rhymes, a million times

This is all I’ve got
And everything I have
I give you all I got
And everything I have

If there’s a song to sing
I’ll give it everything I got and have
If there’s a fire alarm
I’ll grab my guitar and run
Well, first I will double check that 
My girl and my dog are safe



Gregor McEwan - vocals, choir, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, e-bow guitar, piano, synthesizer, bass, drums, drum machine & percussion


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