Canola Fields (CHILDREN Remix)

The waves of this heavy choppy sea
Wash up mussels to a collecting old lady
And they crash and make me almost fall asleep
So never mind that trick with counting sheep

The sun is set
And paints the sky in red
Canola fields
Shine like yellow saffron threads
The sky is blue, as blue as you
But my life’s just black and white
But I don’t mind
I don’t mind

The gulls that are floating on the wind
They don’t even have to beat their wings
Can’t remember I’ve ever felt this good before
So take my hand, let’s stroll along the shore

And you are the water
In every harbour
You’re my guiding light
In the darkest night
You are the wind
That touches my skin
You’re my ray of sun
That makes me feel warm

You are a tree
And produce the air I breathe
You are the ground
On the highest mount
You are a rose
Wit hout pricking thorns
You’re the yesterday after tomorrow


>> close <<