Drinking Burgundy

Fishing on the lake
And by the fireplace
I just lay down my double date cause
You got ace king of clubs

I can't live without
This old wooden house
I need a beer to touch the right chord
From these original source

Caught a northern pike
In the northern light
Want to catch a bass at the wonderful dusk
Serve it with dijon mustard

Having no TV
Drinking Burgundy
Oh how I wish this trip would forever last
Just as the wine in my glass

And the day has come
The day to come back home
And we fall asleep in the back of the car
A and B are poles apart

With a ferry to the south
To our one-family house
You just lay down your double date cause
I got ace king of hearts



Dinesh Ketelsen - bass & lap steel guitar 
Patrick Scheipers - drums 
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar, melodica & percussion


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