From A To Beginning

Have you ever seen what I just saw?
Have you ever been where I was before?
Did you set me right when I was wrong?
Did you ever sing what I have sung?

Goes the backing vocal
That’s how it sounds in total

Always almost alright
With no end in sight
When less is even more
Begin, began, begun
Do what can’t be done
Today’s the day before

We come and go
We learn and grow
We all will die
Under the same blue sky



Ruby Hartbrich - vocals
Markus Surmann - electric guitar & vocals
Johannes Schwitalla - electric guitar
Simon Oexmann - bass
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Hanspeter Stamm - trumpet, trombone & flugelhorn
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar, electic guitar, glockenspiel & percussion

choir: Ruby Hartbrich, Kati von Schwerin, Maze Exler, Markus Surmann & Gregor McEwan


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