From Brunswick To Munich

From Brunswick to Munich
From Nuremberg to Luxembourg
From Belgium to Berlin
From Cologne to your home

I slept on too many floors
But my favourite was yours
A place to rest my head
And I spent so many nights
Thinking how to get things right
But there's nothing I regret

And who says that I have to choose to do a safe job for life?

I knocked on too many doors
But most of them were closed
Lest they and I forget
And I spent so many days
Thinking how to get bills paid
With a capo on the 7th fret

And who says that I have to choose between knowledge and life?
When all I want is time
To live and learn and die



Markus Surmann - electric guitar 
Dinesh Ketelsen - bass 
Patrick Scheipers - drums 
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar, harp, glockenspiel & percussion


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