I Got U

It took you so long
To get on the phone
So where have you gone
Or am I just wrong?

I’m so jealous
Won’t bite your head off
Cause it’s me who lost his head
And every evening
I’m disbelieving
You’re still lying in my bed

But I got u
I got u

And your charms
And your glance
And your gorgeous countenance
And your force
And your thoughts
And your light blue eyes, of course
And your touch
And your butt
And your bloody football club
And your hair
And your flair
And the way that you take care of me



Ruby Hartbrich - vocals & choir
Kati von Schwerin - vocals
Cyprian Piskurek - piano & synthesizer
Markus Surmann - electric guitar
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Gregor McEwan - vocals, electric guitar, bass & percussion


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