Manners Make The Man

I wish I was your knickers
To be closer to your skin
I wish I was your scarf
So that I’m underneath your chin
I wish I was your pair of jeans
Just to twine around your hips
And if I was your lipstick
I could gently touch your lips

I wish I was your brolly
And keep your head quite dry
I wish I was your lolly
Well I know that you know why
If you ever need a pacemaker
I’d be closest to your heart
And if I was a director
I could lead you to another part

Well I know it’s almost over
And yeah I swear I’m sober
Let’s make some love, my luv

I love you and you hate me
Why don’t we make a baby?
Who’s a bit like you and a bit like me
So we can see how easy it could be

Let’s go where it starts
And feel the beating of our hearts
What youth is used to, age remembers
I’d like to be a child again
Cause manners make the man
To be young at heart feels head and shoulders better



Henry & Owen Wiley - vocals (home recorded by Tess Wiley) 
Lukas Rhiel - trumpet 
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoutic guitar & dobro guitar


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