Much Ado About Loving

You get what you give
You learn what you live
You find what you miss
Not alone
What’s wrong and what’s right
Where it’s dark there is light
When there’s a storm outside
Be at home

When you’re lost between the bars
I’m sure it’s leaving scars
When loyalty is fun
Then she’s the right one
When the only thing that stands
Between you and her is and
And when you know where to go
When there’s nowhere to go

Got a minor key and an open chord
Need a major key for the open road
If you’re leaving me well I don’t care
Cause you stole my heart, I stole your underwear



Ruby Hartbrich - vocals & ukulele 
Cyprian Piskurek - piano 
Markus Surmann - vocals & electric guitar 
Simon Oexmann - bass 
Patrick Scheipers - drums 
Felix Weigt - percussion 
Niklas Berse - vocals 
Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


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