Oh Daddy (Solo Version)

Oh Daddy
If you could ever stand up
Oh Daddy
I guess I’ll tell you what
Oh Daddy
It’s been a long way to go
But that’s not a reason to slow down

This is mum, this is you, but you’re someone else
So please don’t feel so sorry for yourself

Oh Daddy
Do you remember the years
Oh Daddy
When we drank those malt beers?
Oh Daddy
Someday you’ll find your feet
Flip the tape and press repeat

In the streets, by the sea and on the beach
This is where the purest hearts will meet

And when the chips are down
I’ll lead you to town
Hand in hand along
A life already known
You know I love you so
But the life I know
Is not on television or
Behind an open door



Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


>> close <<