Postcards And Polaroids

This breakup came too sudden and it hurts too bad
To see you or to hear your voice
And all I really want and all I need now
Are your postcards and your polaroids

Damn! it hurts like hell but it’s oh so well
I’m feeling like a sad lil’ clown
Gonna put my life into that suitcase
Cause the circus is back in town

And it’s true
Yes, it’s true
I can’t and won’t stop loving you

You said you’ve changed but how to stay the same
Well you were seventeen
This was way too long so I belong
To you and you belong to me

Now listen: I don’t mind this test of time
As long as you don’t go
Be my natural force, my source and course
Cause the right time is always now



Cyprian Piskurek - piano 
Simon Oexmann - bass 
Patrick Scheipers - drums & percussion 
Jan Büttner - vocals 
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar & electric guitar


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