<< Rewind, Retrack, Rename, Restore

Goodbye loneliness, hey there togetherness
I’ve got tons to catch up on
Farewell unhappiness, wait for you, easiness
Could you please come along?

You’re always about
To burst through every cloud
And I still long for you
Like the morning dew

Replace, rewind, retrack, rename
I focus on this perfect game
Rewind, retrack, rename, restore
Could you please stay forevermore?

I won’t promise you the world
But I promise you mine
And make the fur fly
In the blink of an eye

I’ve grown too old 
To die young now
No strings attached
So take a bow

So take me as I am
I take you as you are
Rewind, retrack, rename, restore



Ruby Hartbrich - cello & vocals
Cyprian Piskurek - hammond organ
Markus Surmann - electric guitar
Simon Oexmann - bass
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, wurlitzer & percussion


>> close <<