Silver And Gold

You are so damn cute
While I’m so rude
Coffee or tea? I beg your pardon!

You’re in your golden age
While I’m in a haze
You opened the door that leads to the garden

But I hold a record for being upset, yes
I’m really quite a mess, yes
I want to kiss and to caress, yes
I’m gonna get myself to bed, yes

Cause your eyes sparkle like silver and gold
In my apartment it’s so pretty but cold
When summer dies the same way every fall
And I’ll always be there looking out for you
Give love and take care, yeah that’s what I’ll do

I know you like these chords
So please pretend they’re yours
There’s always you when I am strumming

And when I’m on tour
You make me feel secure
We already are what we're becoming



Maxi Nelkenbrecher - sax 
Lukas Rhiel - trumpet 
Cyprian Piskurek - piano 
Markus Surmann - electric guitar 
Simon Oexmann - bass 
Patrick Scheipers - drums 
Niklas Berse - vocals 
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar & percussion 

brass section arranged by Maxi Nelkenbrecher & Gregor McEwan (recorded by Gerrit Haasler at RadioTransmissionMusic, Berlin)


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