The Beat of Your Drum

Birds sing in the trees
Kids play in the streets
Let’s go to the beach
Where the water is deep

I can feel the heat
Let’s just taste and eat
What’s bitter and sweet
Like your skin and your cheeks

Oh summertime come
To the beat of your drum
In the heat of the sun
There’s no need to run

You still shine so strong
Oh my gosh what went wrong
Saint Peter come on
Where have you gone?

It’s hopeless so I hope less
On a road that’s roadless
Receivers receive us
Some are gone summerlong

When fall comes along
And winter is done
Then spring is long gone
Summer has sprung



Markus Surmann - electric guitar
Simon Oexmann - bass
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


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