The Pigeon Breeders Club (live)

You look at the street
Covert and discreet
You are dead certain
Behind your crochet curtain
Different people pass by
Of different spirit and style
But got one thing in common:

They all don't know you
Because you don't want to
Well, there's so much more
Behind the door
You're on first-name basis
With your grimaces
And your reflexion says:

The shop round the corner
Has got a new owner
There's a new roundabout
Next to Ellipses Road
The Pigeon Breeders Club
Has got a new srcub
And the catholic nun
Has born a black bastard son
Have you heard of the boy
Who became unemployed?
He got 6 out of 6
But then he lost his receipt
And a friend of a friend
Of a friend of a friend
Is the friend of a friend
Of the new president
But I am a nothing



Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


>> close <<