The Wrinkle In Time

Every time you’re happy something brings you down
When it’s too late to turn around
Or someone breaks your heart
And every time you’re down you’ll find that exit door
At the end of the corridor
To make a brand new start

There’s always day, there’s always night
There’s always black, there’s always white
There’s always dark, there’s always light
And there’s nothing else to know

What is not supposed to happen, happens anyway
And I suppose
That’s just the way life goes
As long as there’s tomorrow, there’ll be a better day
Good and bad will come
And surely all at once

There’s always cramped, there’s always wide
There’s always drab, there’s always bright
There’s always left, there’s always right
Wherever we may go

Time runs by and
Time comes and ends
When time becomes time



Ruby Hartbrich - vocals
Cyprian Piskurek - piano
Markus Surmann - 12 string acoustic guitar
Simon Oexmann - bass
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Martin Gallop - pedal steel guitar
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar & percussion


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