Many Moons Ago

Maybe I know that it's not all over yet
For far too long we've been all over it
You call it home what you want to forget
I pick up the phone and dial the prefix you had

“The number you have dialed
Is no longer in service
Check the number, dial again
Or consult directory enquiries“

I need you here, it's so cold waking up
Without you near me and my empty cup
Let's make it clear that it's just a big fuck-up
And to be sincere, I wonder if you miss me much

“Hey Darling there you are
I miss you so and can't let go
Got years to wait around and so
I kissed you many moons ago“

Waiting is easy
Now that I know you won't leave me
Need a plane and then I'm on my way
I got the feeling
That the clouds and the ceiling
Are not really so far away



This one is for you
And all you singer/songwriters
If I carry it through
They'll bury me by your side

I don't know what it is
That makes you believe in
All the talent and gift
Existing in me and you and him and her and us

And I thought you'd had enough
But no one can take your love
And I try to be like you
Though you're two times twenty-two

It's not what you say
It's the way that you say it
And all your words weigh
On us so heavily

You prove and you show
How hard can be easy
Show me someone you don't know
Cause you know me and you and him and her and us



Tess Wiley - vocals 
Ruby Hartbrich - cello 
Cyprian Piskurek - piano
Dinesh Ketelsen - bass 
Patrick Scheipers - drums 
Gregor McEwan - vocals & acoustic guitar


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