You And I

Make me stay don’t let me go
My favourite thing is being yours
But I’m just like a distant town
So far away and so alone

Where are you?
Please just give me a sign
Before we break in two
I’ll make you mine

Here I am
But where am I
When you and I collide?
Here I am
But where am I?

Select connect to go online
So much web, so little time
I must confess I’m so annoyed
Unimpressed and unemployed



Ruby Hartbrich - vocals
Cyprian Piskurek - piano
Markus Surmann - electric guitar
Simon Oexmann - bass
Patrick Scheipers - drums
Hannes Schindler - violin
Thies Neu - mellotron & moog synthesizer
Gregor McEwan - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & percussion


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